The reporting in the following story inspired an episode of a Vanity Fair crime show, which aired on Discovery Now in April, 2017.

October 18, 2016A helpful neighbor. A proud father. A farmer’s kid. And, the FBI says, terrorists.

By Saturday, two wooden boards had been nailed across the front and back doors of the mobile home that, until last week, Gavin Wright called home. Neighbors had watched on Friday as law enforcement with armored vehicles stormed the building, with two officers walking the perimeter.

But by Saturday, the only movement was the flies in the windows and the wasps swarming the walls outside. Shelves near one of the windows were filled with sacks of sugar, saltine crackers and other nonperishable food.

At the end of the driveway sat a broken-down motor home. Inside the door were nine more crates of canned goods and six large white buckets with intricate labels, scribbled in black marker, of what kind of food was inside. One bucket read: 1 pk. brown gravy mix, 6 turkey stuffing, 3 herb stuffs, 1 powder cheese pie, 4 cornmeal mix, 16 can chicken breast, 8 single hot cocoa pks, 2 hamburger helpers, 2 pepper seeds, 1 okra seeds, 1 wheat seeds.

The driveway was filled with detritus – a metal trailer painted in a camouflage pattern, a covered up Harley-Davidson motorcycle, roofing shingles, rebar, a broken basketball hoop, a motorized bike in disrepair, a mattress and a broken door.

That was not so unusual out there, according to Mary Allen, who sold Wright the property. Mary Allen is not related to suspect Curtis Allen.

“Have you seen this area?” she joked. Several properties she used to care for have become overrun with junk after being sold.

At a trash bin in the driveway next to the road was an empty box with a return label from NBC Gas Masks that was dated Sept. 14. Wright had met with Patrick Eugene Stein and Curtis Wayne Allen at this house on Sept. 11 to plan an attack on Muslim immigrants in Garden City, according to an affidavit filed by the FBI.

FBI affidavit: “The investigation to date has revealed that (Kansas Security Force)/Crusaders members Patrick STEIN, Curtis ALLEN, and Gavin WRIGHT are conspiring to carry out a domestic terrorist attack by using an improvised explosive device (IED) to destroy an apartment complex located at 312 West Mary Street, Garden City, Kansas, which contains a mosque and is home to many Muslims.”Continue reading

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