“Tornado mangles homes, nursing center in Eureka”
July 8, 2016

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A tornado uprooted trees, knocked over power lines and ripped off roofs Thursday night as it sliced its way through the southeastern Kansas town of Eureka. Miraculously, no injuries were reported, the Adjustant General’s office said Friday morning.

But it didn’t feel like a miracle for many whose homes in the tornado’s path.

Larry Reynolds climbed through a pile of tree branches and stepped over soggy walls and doors, where cabinets doors with nails lay next to uneaten ice cream bars. He could not tell where his daughter Audrey’s yellow wallpaper was. The mobile home she was renting had been so thoroughly torn apart he couldn’t tell whether the boards he was lifting up were from her home or the two mangled mobile homes that were once separate.

But they stayed there for hours, searching. It was important. Inside a black suitcase, somewhere in the house, was the death certificate of Audrey’s son, who had passed away in Wichita recently.

As Thursday night stretched into Friday morning, Audrey held her son’s old football in one arm and a flashlight in another and cried….Continue Reading

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