Cosby and Allen are not equivalent

Posted by on Jan 14, 2015 in Art and Entertainment, Diversity, tv

In response to this blog / twitter response to Woody Allen’s new show:

Race isn’t the only difference separating the two: the plausibility of their respective crimes are pretty different, i.e. 20 accusations vs 1. Plus Cosby hasn’t done anything culturally relevant for decades, except chastise black men to pull up their pants, whereas Allen has made a number of above average, if not great, films. It’s not obvious to me that one or the other is guilty or innocent, but I think there are other significant differences between them besides race, and there are so many times where race is clearly the relevant difference, that this doesn’t seem like an instance that does much to highlight real racial disparities.

Upated: [Some interesting comments and responses to this post on the original article as well.]