Progressive inequality

Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 in Inequality

A Times article last week pointed out that the places with the most equitable distributions of wealth in the US are in the midwest and south–where the politics are anything but. And where the politics lean liberal, inequality is greatest.

More than Wall Street, Less than Lolita

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In the lead up to the Oscars, The Wolf of Wall Street continues to divide critics around one question: Is the movie a critique of the excesses of Wall Street? Or is it, perhaps unwittingly, a celebration of them?

Baldwin’s celebrity implosion

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This NY Magazine Baldwin piece is a pretty amazing artifact about what it’s like to be a celebrity…and although he flirts with forsaking celebrity and returning to being an artist, he wants to utilize its megaphone one last time to lash out and have the last word and then disappear–like Woody Allen, he said he’s never coming back to the media, (yeah right)–like a little boy who leaves the room in a huff and doesn’t want to argue anymore because he knows if he stayed there might be two sides to the story.