The districts where the charter schools outperformed the district schools on the state English tests are yellow. The districts where charter schools did worse than the average district school are blue.

By Melanie Bencosme and Oliver Morrison

The average New York City charter school is outperforming the average district school on the English standardized test scores by 7 percent, according to data released this year by the New York City Department of Education.

Data showed that 65 percent of New York charter schools outperformed district schools while 35 percent of charter schools underperformed the district where their school is located in.

This will impact certain communities more than others, according to Craig Michaels, 59, dean of the department of education at Queens College.

After examining the maps, the most successful charter schools are, by and large, located in the poorer areas of the Bronx and Brooklyn, according to Michaels’ analysis.

“They have the poorest kids in New York,” said Michaels. “They have the most students that are English language learners. They have the least amount of resources in public schools.”

Each charter school pinpointed on the map above is colored according whether the charter school outperformed the district. Charter schools that outperformed are yellow. Those that underperformed are blue. The charter schools that performed about the same are green.

Michaels emphasized that this doesn’t mean that charter schools are a “silver bullet” solution for high-poverty areas because the charter schools might be drawing from a different student population than the rest of the district.

There were 45 charter schools that outperformed the district by 10 percent or more. However only 11 charter schools underperformed the district by the same amount.

With 32 school districts in the city, charter schools are performing best in District 11, which is located in the northern Bronx; 21 percent more students passed their state english exams than the average district school.

In District 31, located in Staten Island, charter schools are doing the worst with 20 percentage less of their students passing the state English test.



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