This year’s Sheppy winners

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This year’s Sheppy winners

October 21, 2014



Best News Story Under 500 Words

1. Rosa Goldensohn: Strand Books Used Sprinklers to Douse Homeless, Employees Say

2. Rebecca Bratek: House, Senate fail to agree on VA spending bill as August recess nears

3. Natalie Fertig: Soccer super-fan falls from window of Miami bar as U.S. surrenders last-second goal


Best News Story Over 500 Words

1. Rosa Goldensohn: Domestic Abuse Victims Wait Up to a Decade For Emergency NYCHA Housing

2. Kiratiana Freelon: We Still Comin: The Story Behind the Viral Video and Its Uninvited Guests

3. TIE Scott Klocksin: Chinese Firm Gets Financing For Brooklyn Condo Without JV Partner / Oliver Morrison: Students, Teachers Say Rollout of New GED Has Been Flawed /  Laura Bult: A Celebration of Peace in a Community Marred by Gun Violence


Best Print Feature

1. Rosa Goldensohn: Teen’s Death in Solitary Cell Show Failures at Rikers Island

2. Gwynne Hogan: Bushwick Buildings Crumbling as Tenants Hang On

3. Audrey McGlinchy: Finding the Fountain of Youth in an Irish Bog



Best Wrap

1. Danny Lewis: Heads Up! Former U.S. Soccer Player Says Headers Are Bad For Kids

2. Steve Trader: Philly native skateboarding across the country to find his health (and his hair)

3. Asa Merritt: Brooklyn’s Only Mountainbike Track Closes – For Now


Best Vox Pop

1. Oliver Morrison: Nerd Dating

2. Sandra Lopez-Monsalve: New Americans on the Fourth of July

3. Roxanne Scott: Young Lords Way – A Legacy


Best Radio Feature

1. Steve Trader: New surfboard technology opens lineups to paraplegic surfers

2. Sarah Barrett: Premeditated Meditation – Violence Interrupters in the South Bronx

3. TIE Briana Duggan: After 70 years in boxes, photos by Charlotte Woman Find Home in Mint, the Met / Roxanne Scott:Bomba’s Back



Best Video Feature Under Three Minutes

1. Gwynne Hogan & Maria Villasenor: The Art of Plumbing

2. Brianna Duggan: The Forgotten Lepers of Baraka

3. Kayle Schnell: Persona


Best Video Feature Over Three Minutes

1. Kristen Clark: Two Weeks Under the Sea

2. Kayle Schnell: Happily Leftover

3. Oresti Tsonopoulos: Woody Guthrie – New Yorker


Best Video Supplement

1. Oresti Tsonopoulos: Brooklyn At Night

2. TIE Oliver Morrison & Maria Villasenor: The Art of Walking / Melanie Bencosme: Sara Myers

3. Danny Lewis & Natalie Fertig: Introducing the Horseless Carriage



Best Photo Essay

1. Oresti Tsonopoulos: Kurt Thometz’s Little Black Bookshop

2. Jake Naughton: My Redeemer

3. Kayle Schnell: The Neverending Cycle


Best Individual Photo

1. Natalie Fertig: This Adorable Girl

2. Julius Constantine Motal: Ha, Boobs

3. Kayle Schnell: Serene Jackson and her grandson are upset the park is not open


Best Collaborative Project

1. Brianna McGurran, Oliver Morrison, Jake Naughton, Maria Villasenor and Kayle Schnell, etc.: Dense City

2. Malorie Marshall and Ann Marie Awad: Ridesharing – A Tale of Two Cities

3. TIE Rosa Goldensohn, Pamela Granda, Rikki Reyna, Jennifer Lehman, Rachael Levy, Jacob Passy, Ashley Rodriguez, Emilie Ross, Anugya Chitransh, Gabriella Iannetta: Menaced By Mold / Annie Massa, Brianna Duggan, Emma Hernandez, Ross Keith, Steve Trader, Melanie Bencosme, Ali Malito and Jenna O’Donnell: Chasing Fires